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Feeding Guide

For Puppies
For Adult/Senior Dogs
For Kittens
For Adult/Senior Cats

Puppies require higher energy and amount of food during their rapid growth stage. It is advised to feed your puppies 2-4 times a day in smaller portions. This will also help your puppy’s digestion and prevent bloat. Feeding them in a consistent routine will also help them with reduced begging for food, less fussy and easier for training process.

Feeding Chart for Puppy

Age% of current body weight
8-12 weeks10%
68 weeks +2-4%*

*Depending on activity level eg exercise, training

Adult or senior dogs should be eating around 2-5% of their body weight in raw food per day depending on the dog’s activity and energy levels.

Feeding Chart for Adult/Senior

Different type of dogs% of current body weight
Small breed size dog3.5%
Medium breed size dogs2.5%
Large breed size dogs2%
Overweight or obese dogs2%
Average activity level (30-60 minutes of walking/ moderate play)3%
Underweight or with higher activity level (60minutes of walking/energetic play)3.5%-4%
Working dogs eg farm dogs, herding dogs or obstacle course show dogs4-5%
Pregnant dogs2-4% for first 2/3 gestation period
3-5% for last 1/3 gestation period (divide food into 2-4 meals)
Lactating dogs3-6% (divide food into as many meals as required)

The amount you feed also varies depending on the age, weight, and energy and activity level of your cat. Owner should feed your kitten smaller meals more frequently rather than a big one to maintain their energy levels. As a general rule, you should feed your kittens as stated in Table below:

AgeCurrent body weight/day
8 to 12 weeks10-13%
12 to 32weeks6-10%
32 to 56weeks3-6%
56weeks above2.5-5%

* Depending on your cat weight, activity level

Different type of cats% of current body weight
Underweight & Active Cats3-5%
Normal Weight2-3%
Overweight & less activity level1.5-2%
Pregnant cats4% for first 1/3 gestation period
4-5% for second 2/3 gestation period
5-6% for last 3/3 gestation period
* Divide food into 2-3 meals
Lactating CatsUp to 5.5% (divide food into 3-4 meals)

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