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How to Switch to Raw Dog Food


For puppies from 8 weeks of age, we suggest you to transition to raw diet as soon as their digestive system will allow. Since puppies don’t have the long feeding period of a processed dry food, they are expected to adjust to their raw diet faster than adult dogs. With puppies we recommend transitioning gradually but it should take 3-7 days.


For dogs that you’re previously feeding kibble, then you should transition to raw diet slow and gradually over the period of 2-3 weeks. Each dog will adapt in a different way. Some adjust fast while others with sensitive digestive system will need to change more slowly.

Transition Guidelines

(from dry kibble to a raw diet)

Choose a protein familiar to your dog and stay consistent with your meals
Start the transition by first feeding 20% of raw food and 80% of the old food for 3-5 days
Then, change to 50% raw and 50% old food for another 3-5 days
Then, change to 80% raw and 20% old food for another 3-5 days
Lastly, feed 100% raw
Transition guidelines above should be used as a reference. Owner can separate feeding raw and old dog food at a separate meal. As mentioned above, puppies should take less time to adjust to new raw diet while senior dogs that has been feeding processed foods their entire life they require a longer time to switch to detox the harmful built up toxins in their digestive system.

What to expect during the transition period?

Change in stool
Reduced water intake
Detoxification process
Kibble digest in different pH than raw diet. Owner should keep a close eye on their poos, and may need to slow down their transition if you notice some upset. You will anticipate some soft poo when they start adjust to the new diet. Provided they’re otherwise in good health condition, this should pass in a couple of days. Once the transition period is over, you will see smaller, firmer and less odour stool. This is due to our highly digestibility diet and absence of the fillers and other foreign ingredients.
Dogs on a raw diet will drink much less water than dogs that eat a processed dry food as raw diet is moisture dense.
For dogs that has been eating processed dry food, they will experience a detoxification process. Your dog may experience the following signs: excess shedding, runny eyes, or skin conditions may slightly worsen. All of these signs are Normal as your dogs will be eliminating toxins that have been built up in their digestive system from the processed diet. These signs will be resolved once new cells replace the old unhealthy ones.

Some Tips to Share:

* Owner should fast your dog for one full meal before introducing the raw diet, this helps reset their digestive system before the switch.

* Add some warm water onto the thawed raw diet and serve at room temperature.

Remember, it is a slow and gradual process but in the end will result in a happier dog with better immune system and health conditions.

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