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Vision Pro


PETFIT VISION PRO is a unique blend of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, Prebiotic and Curcumin to aid vision and immune system support.

Ingredients: Daucus Carota Extract, Beta Carotene, Prebiotic and Curcumin.

Vision pro 40g


Benefits of VisionPro
1. Beta carotene is essential for our dogs and cats eyes.
The retina is critical for normal eyesight. Found in the back of the eyeball, it is made up of millions of cells called rods and cones. These cells are sensitive to light and use vitamin A to tell the brain (via the optic nerve) what is being seen. The rods are most important in low-light situations, and the rods are sensitive to low levels of vitamin A in the body. So, if your dog has a deficiency of vitamin A, eating more foods that contain beta-carotene could help improve eyesight, especially at night.

2. Immune system health: it can serve as an immune system booster to help fight off illness.

3. Curcumin is anti-inflammatory and It shows promise in decreasing ocular inflammation in dogs and cats suffering from uveitis.

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